Cardiff Airport growth continues!

Passenger numbers at Cardiff Airport have consistently risen resulting in the 14th consecutive month of growth in July. The Cardiff Airport officials claim that since June, passenger numbers have grown 17% to 1,326,923 – which in turn is a 29% growth over the previous 12 months since July. Cardiff Airport growth has lead officials to predict that 250,000 people to fly to and from the airport over the 6 week summer period. The success of the Welsh football team over the 2016 Euros amplified the growth too, as July saw tens of thousands fans flood to France to support their team!


Incredibly, the airport could see an even bigger increase in passenger numbers in September and October thanks to work on Severn Tunnel railway which will cause major disruption to commuters. As an immediate response and a chance to capitalise on the larger number of passengers expected, Flybe announced the beginning of four “rescue flights” on weekdays between Cardiff and London City airport.
Fresh Business who conducted a short poll found that 48% of small business owners would consider flying as an alternative option to long train journeys or driving!

Cardiff Airport growth

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