Cardiff Airport in £5 million redesign plans

Cardiff Airport has announced plans to create an extension to the terminal. The plans have been in the pipeline for some time, but the planning application has finally been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Work could begin as early as the end of this year if it is successful.

The plans were first publicly announced last year, with the airport authorities hoping to have the changes in place by this summer. However, the recession got in the way and the plans had to be put on ice for a few months.

But now the wheels are in motion once again, and the council is expected to make its final decision within a matter of months.

The extension to the terminal will be quite extensive, and will cost in the region of £5 million. This would involve the linking of the arrivals and departures halls into a single common area, the addition of numerous food and retail facilities, a more contemporary design to the building and the shifting of the security control area to the first floor.

The plans also include a redesign of the approach area at the front of the terminal, and all of the plans come as part of a bigger £15 million scheme that involves the creation of new infrastructure and a radar system.

The managing director of the airport, Patrick Duffy, said that the aim is to “present a modern statement for the region and increase our commercial activities”. However, he was also keen to point out that the work on the terminal would “not actually increase the demand for airlines” in the area, meaning it would not lead to greater tourism opportunities.

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