Cardiff airport might have suffered eight crashes

It’s not an easy job but someone’s got to do it and staff in the air traffic control deck below Cardiff’s International Airport are more than aware of just how tough their job can be. Aviation safety is hot on everyone in the world’s minds at the moment so it comes as quite a stir to hear that reports have come into the public domain in the last few weeks of up to eight near crashes over the skies of the Welsh capital.

The Freedom of Information Act has come into play once again and this time it has led to some rather shocking facts being revealed to the Civil Aviation Authority. There have been reports of very near crashes above the airport when taking off and landing. There have been incidents involving drunken passengers, some of whom have had to be removed from flights. There have also been incidents with bomb scares and hoax terror attacks. An incident in which an Air Traffic Controller was distracted and almost led to two planes colliding mid flight has raised serious questions about the safety of the airport. There was even a case in 2006 of an alleged UFO in the skies, as none of the technical staff on the ground could identify the object.

The Director of Operations at the airport defends Cardiff as having “one of the best safety records in the UK”. However, he is also quick to point out that there will be thorough investigations into the incidents as they strive to be as safe as they can.

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