New check-in kiosks installed at Cardiff

Passengers travelling through Cardiff Airport could soon experience a far simpler and easier check-in experience, as budget airline Flybe has just become the first company to install self-service check-in kiosks at the airport.

The three new electronic kiosks, which are the same as those that already exist in many other airports across the country, have been praised for their ability to significantly reduce the time needed for checking in. By simply walking up to the screen and entering in your details, the process is completed quickly and painlessly.

A report released last week in relation to electronic check-in kiosks reveals that about 40% of Flybe’s customers have already used such kiosks across the country. Wherever they are used, they lead to faster transit times for passengers and a more pleasant travel experience.

The director of marketing for Flybe, Simon Lilley, said that they are “committed to getting the millions of passengers…. through the check-in process as quickly and efficiently as possible”, whilst adding that the kiosks “minimise queuing and really do speed things up.”

Spencer Birns of Cardiff Airport also praised the installations, saying that they would provide a more enjoyable experience for the thousands of passengers that pass through its gates.

However, the kiosks are only the first development in Flybe’s plans for a revolution in airport check-ins. It has also been revealed that future plans include checking in using your mobile phone, which would cut down on any queuing time whatsoever. All of these technological innovations are set to transform the airline industry over the coming years, helping to cut down on costs and taking the stress out of air travel.

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