Catch the Northern Lights on a one-off night flight from Cardiff Airport in 2019

Is catching the Northern Lights on your bucket list?

Stargazers have the chance to catch the highly rare occurrence during a short night-flight from Cardiff Airport. The opportunity offers a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to see the natural light while in the heights of the skies which is a result of interaction between the magnetic fields of the Earth and the sun.

Otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, the sight can be best described as somewhere between a weak glow and a sky-filling spectacle of natural green and blue light which is not affected by clouds, light pollution or weather conditions.

The experience costs from £240 and takes off from Cardiff Airport, which begins with a presentation located in the main terminal from guest astronomer Pete Lawrence, presenter of the BBC’s Sky at Night programme. Mr Lawrence will also be accompanied by Nigel Bradbury who is also of the Royal Astronomical Society & has been actively studying amatuer astronomy for over 40 years.

Deb Barber, Chief Executive Officer of Cardiff Airport, said: “Our customers will really enjoy the opportunity to take off from Cardiff and discover one of the world’s most amazing natural phenomenon from the sky.
“This was such a unique and popular addition to our schedule back in the spring, so it’s great to see the return of the Northern Lights experience with Omega Breaks in 2019.”
The flight lasts up to 3 and a quarter hours, departs from Cardiff Airport on Friday the 8th of March, in the hours of complete darkness, allowing to gain the best views of the momentus natural occasion.
Not only does the flight also include an on-board commentary, but will also include refreshments & services from a tour specialist thanks supplied by Omega Breaks. Omega have organised the excursion, after seeing such a positive attendance in 2018 for the same event.
Peter Truman, Astronomy Consultant at Omega Breaks, added: “These unique flights, which have been operating for 20 years, really offer an excellent opportunity to see the Northern Lights.
“We are above the main obstacle, cloud cover, and also have a much wider overall view of the Auroral Oval from around 36,000ft above sea level, than you do at ground level.”

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Cardiff Airport Northern Lights

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