Check your boarding pass carefully!

We have all heard of luggage ending up at the wrong holiday destination but now it seems that passengers can suffer the same fate too! A family from Cardiff has found out the hard way that not only does it help to have paid attention in Geography class but also that you should take nothing at face value and check your boarding pass carefully before stepping on the plane.

Charles Corray had checked in at Cardiff airport with his wife Tania and daughter Phoebe, looking forward to his 5 star all inclusive holiday in Lanzarote. Somehow the check in clerk issued the wrong boarding pass to the family and they had not realised that Bodrum, the destination shown on the card, was in fact in Turkey. As the family had had to get up in the small hours of the morning to catch their flight, they all decided to catch up on their beauty sleep as soon as they boarded. It was not until the plane landed that the air hostess said “Welcome to Turkey!” and the penny dropped. To add insult to injury, the family had to pay £10 a head in visa charges to enter Turkey.

They were able to board the same plane later in the day, for its homeward flight back to Cardiff, where they were put up in a hotel at First Choice’s expense. Although they could have been taken to Luton in a taxi to fly out to Lanzarote for the holiday that they had planned, it would have meant returning to Luton as well on the homeward leg, which did not suit the family, who had paid extra for the convenience of flying from their local airport. They eventually agreed to accept a similar holiday in Ibiza, leaving Cardiff the following day.

Meanwhile First Choice has apologized for the mix-up and confirmed that the Servisair employee has been suspended, pending an enquiry.

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