UFO spotted around Cardiff Airport

Strange goings on have been reported around Cardiff Airport recently, with a police helicopter unit reporting the sighting of a suspected UFO.

The helicopter crew were above St Athan, which is close to an RAF Base and to Cardiff Airport, but they did not try to give chase to the strange craft or communicate with it in any way. Although various reports were released in the following days claiming that the craft was travelling at speed and the helicopter only just managed to avoid a collision, these remain unconfirmed.

However, just a few days after the sighting had occurred and made headlines around the world, it looked like a possible explanation had been found. A few days before the incident, Lucy and Lyn Thomas had been celebrating their wedding a short distance away from the sightings. As part of the celebrations, about 30 paper lanterns were released into the sky, which had candles inside to give them a strange glowing appearance.

They thought nothing of them until they saw the reports on the internet whilst on their honeymoon in Turkey, when it became clear to them that they were the likely cause of the mysterious sightings.

However, the apparent explanation has failed to prevent a whole host of similar UFO sightings coming out in the days following the original report. One such sighting was made by a Cardiff University doctor of psychology, who saw seven glowing objects above the Brecon Beacons. At present it is not known whether these were part of the same wedding celebrations, or whether they were something altogether more mysterious.

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