Travel Insurance Cover

We can’t stress enough just how important it is to ensure you have an adequate travel insurance policy in place before your trip. As with other holiday essentials, booking it early will not only give you more options to choose from, but will also save you money!


Not sure where to start? Our Travel Insurance comparison site may be just what you need! Here you can compare over 1500 policies so you can be sure that you’ll find the policy that’s right for you, at the best price!

Which Policy?

With such variety of policies available when it comes to holiday insurance, it’s no wonder we get confused! How can you be sure that you are getting the right policy for you, and whether you’re getting the best deal for the same level of cover?

First things first – do you travel pretty frequently? If so, it may be worth considering an annual multi-trip policy. This option can often save you a lot of money, especially if you travel more than 3 times per year. Single trip cover is ideal for you if you are planning on taking less than 3 trips per year and only want to cover a specific amount of days.

Next, what sort of activities will you be doing on your trip? Will you be participating in any Winter sports? Keep in mind that many providers offer various ‘add-ons’ or ‘specialist policies’ to cover all levels of activity. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll pay a premium for a specialist policy – it is often quite the opposite as the insurers are able to provide specific rather than general cover, so can lower the price.

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When planning a family or group trip, why not consider purchasing a family, group or couple policy? Just remember to check the definition of children, family members and amount of people included on your policy before buying as these vary from insurer to insurer.

Did you know that 2016 is set to be big for adventure travel for the over 55s? Be sure to compare policies for the Over 65’s if you’re planning an adventure trip!

Remember, for those with any Pre-existing medical conditions, you will need to declare it to your travel insurer before you book a policy. Don’t worry, most providers won’t charge extra for a number of medical conditions, but for some, there might be a slightly higher premium – this is where the comparisons of providers will come in handy!

Lastly, If you are travelling for business, you will need specialist insurance to cover valuables such as business equipment, and the costs incurred to replace you with a colleague if you fall ill, enabling your business meetings to run smoothly should you be unable to attend them.

What to look out for


There are many things that you would expect to be covered under your travel insurance policy but unfortunately, travel insurance providers cannot cover for every eventuality.

We would recommend that you should ensure that your policy covers for up to £2 million worth of medical expenses, and offers 24 hour emergency assistance as a minimum.

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Sometimes, things don’t go to plan and you find yourself needing to cancel your your trip. This can often incur high expenses so you should ensure you are covered from the point at which you purchase the insurance and not just from the first day of your travels.

*Quick Tip* Personal baggage cover can sometimes be covered under your home or credit card insurance. It’s worth checking before you buy your travel insurance as good savings can often be made by excluding this cover option!