Living Near Cardiff Airport

Regenerated City

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is the largest of all its cities; located on the South Wales coast, it's vibrant and cosmopolitan, with a wide variety of entertainment on offer.

Cardiff Bay has undergone massive regeneration and is now a popular area for nightlife and entertainment. The city also houses the impressive Millennium Stadium, which is the national stadium of Wales and is one of the largest football grounds in the UK.

Making History

The airport opened in the 1940s when the Air Ministry took the land in the Vale of Glamorgan to set up wartime satellite aerodrome and a training base for RAF Spitfire pilots. Aer Lingus was the first airline to recognise the commercial potential of the airport in 1952 when it set up a flight service to Dublin. This was the first step in a long line of airlines setting up a service from Cardiff to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Glasgow and Manchester.

Living near Cardiff Airport


Cardiff International Airport is located in the village of Rhoose, close to the M4 motorway. The airport is now served by its own railway station which opened in June 2005.

As the airport continues to grow, so will the demand for staff and the desire by regular travellers to live close to the airport. This will then have a knock-on effect on the cost of housing and no doubt a whole host of new developments will arise. However, on the other hand, the increase in travel from Cardiff Airport might have a detrimental effect on property prices due to environmental factors, such as an increase in noise level and traffic to the area.