Cardiff Airport Travel Money & Foreign Exchange

One of the last things to do before your trip is to change up your foreign currency. As with most holiday extras, it is always best to do this in advance online as you are most likely to get the best exchange rate. This applies to whichever method you chose, be it cash or travel prepaid or credit card.

Money Saving Tips

DO purchase your currency in advance!

DON’T leave your exchanges to the last minute or you’re most likely to incur higher charges!

DO pre-order your currency for collection at your airport to minimise those exchange rates!

DON’T withdraw cash on your debit card whilst away – you are more likely to exchange at a much higher rate than changing up cash at home!

With so many ways to exchange, and rates changing on a daily basis, this can be a confusing task! In light of this, we have researched several ways in which you can purchase your travel money; after all, we want to help you get the best rates to save money, time and hassle!


Forexchange are the only provider that operate within the airport and have 2 branches; one can be found in the Departures lounge and one in the baggage reclaim hall. They have a selection of over 30 currencies to choose from and for the best rates, purchasing it online is advisable. Simply state which desk you’d like to collect it from and pick it up at a time to suit you. Please note that if you don’t pre order, a “walk up” rate will apply.


Left it to the last minute and want to exchange in the airport? This could mean you risk paying much more than if you prepay online and opt to collect from one of the 2 bureau de change outlets at the airport. Do your research and pre-purchase!

Prepaid Currency Cards

The latest addition to the travel money market are pre loaded currency cards. The cards act like a debit card which you pre-load with currency.

We highly recommend you order one of these cards before you travel as it can be one of the cheapest ways to buy your holiday money.

They are not offered by all FX providers, so check out the Travelex Money Card; click on the image on the right for more information and how to apply for one.

Credit and Debit Cards

With lots of options on the market, it’s best to do your research before you pick the best card for you. Treat it like applying for a regular credit card – check the interest rates, payment terms and limits.

Keep in mind that banks will change the terms and conditions of the cards they offer from time to time so it is important to check that your card still offers and covers the original perks shown before using it abroad.

Don’t want to queue up in the airport to collect your cash? Why not order it online and have it delivered to you at home instead? With a range of providers to choose from, some of which will offer free next day delivery, you can take advantage of the providers much cheaper online rates, so it’s a great option all around!