Airport Security Information

With today’s enhanced security measures in place, it can take longer to check in than it used to. It is advised that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time:
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Hand Luggage – What you can and can’t pack

Remember, each airline will have their own policy regarding hand luggage restrictions so please remember to check with your airline before travelling.

Check out our handy infographic which details what the standard hand luggage requirements are, including what not to pack!

Security at Cardiff

Security at Cardiff

Security at Cardiff

Security at Cardiff

Security at Cardiff

Security at Cardiff


In addition to the above;

  • If your hand luggage does not fit the set requirements, it will need to be placed into the hold – beware that this may come at an additional cost!
  • Musical instruments are permitted, even if they do not meet the permitted cabin baggage requirements so they will need to be screened just as all other luggage. Always check with your airline if special arrangements (e.g. purchasing an extra seat) for any large instruments will be required.
  • Laptops and other large electrical items (e.g. a large hairdryer) have to be removed from cabin baggage and screened separately.
  • Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are permitted but will be screened.
  • Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids as detailed above. The bag must be presented for examination.
Liquids that can not be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into the hold luggage and checked in. Liquids of any amount can still be carried in luggage checked into the aircraft hold.


Subject to authentication, essential medicines and baby food may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, but it is best to check with the airport prior to your arrival.

Duty free / departure lounge purchases

  • Most liquid items purchased after security will be permitted on the plane.
  • You may be required to provide proof of purchase at certain check points along your journey, so it is always worth retaining your receipts.
Please note Restrictions apply to duty free purchases made on return journeys where passengers change flights at an EU airport. These are explained in detail on the Department of Transport’s website

These are the requirements set down by the Department for Transport. Airlines and Airports may have additional measures in place. Passengers are strongly advised to check the website of their carrier or airport before travelling.

Hand Luggage – Restricted Items

Ensure that your hand luggage does not contain any of the restricted items detailed in the above image.

If items are confiscated at security control you will not be compensated and, with the exception of unusual circumstances, the confiscated items will not be returned.

Syringes that are needed for administering insulin, or for any other medical reason, will only be allowed in hand luggage if you can prove the medical necessity. You may wish to phone the airline in advance to find out what they require as proof of your medical condition, such as a certificate from your GP.

All Luggage – What Not To Pack

In addition to the restrictions on what is allowed in hand luggage, there are a number of items that must not be taken on board an aircraft, either as hand luggage or in the hold. Please do not pack the following anywhere in your carry on or check in luggage:

Prohibited Items

Flammable liquids and solids Oxidisers
Organic peroxides Gas cylinders
Infectious substances Wet car cell batteries
Instruments containing magnets Instruments containing mercury
Magnetrons Fireworks
Non-safety matches, fire lighters, lighter fuel Paints, thinners
Poisons, arsenic, cyanide, weedkiller Acids, corrosives, alkalis, caustic soda
Creosote, quicklime, oiled paper Radioactive materials