Cardiff Airport partner with Cenin Renewables to make the Airport more Environmentally friendly!

Cardiff Airport has partnered up with Cenin Renewables, which is a local renewable energy company. The company has a previous success rate working on renewable energy programmes as they have worked on various sites across Wales. The project aims to install a new Solar PV farm on the airport, over the next 18th months.

It is estimated that the new Solar PV Farm will aim to deliver carbon reduction by nearly 20508 tonnes over the coming 25 years. This means that there will be a saving of almost 860 tonnes every year! It will also create a natural landscape for biodiversity, which will include bees and wildflowers.

This project will become an integral part of the newly unveiled scheme called ‘Environmental Flight Path’. The scheme aims to implement a number of short and long terms goals for the Airport to become more environmentally friendly. Some are even going to be implemented by the end of this month! Whilst some of the longer ones will be finished by 2021. These goals will eventually ensure that the airport can become a ‘Carbon neutral Airport’ over the next decade or so!

solar farm at cardiff to make it environmentally friendly!

Mark Bailey who is the Director of Airport Planning and Development at Cardiff Airport states that after the long hours and time spent, it was “hugely exciting to see this project come to life”. He noted that he was “proud to be working in partnership with a Welsh business who bring with them expert knowledge and a wealth of experience needed to develop this project on our site”. He hopes that when the project is finished, “it will deliver massive carbon reductions and power the airport.”

Martyn Popham, Director at Cenin Renewables also added: “Cenin Renewables is delighted to have been chosen to work with Cardiff Airport to help them achieve an important part of their comprehensive plan to decarbonise the airport operation.”

These efforts will go a long way to help the environment as airports have always been an area of concern because of the huge amount of greenhouse gasses planes produces. However, with the introduction to schemes such as solar farms, it will make a huge difference as they will make the airport more environmentally friendly!

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